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Methods of Bankroll Management in Online Football Betting
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A common weakness among many players is not knowing how to manage their funds during the betting process. This indirectly leads to failure in sports betting. There are several methods of bankroll management you can follow when experiencing high-stakes matches, as follows:

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Important Bankroll Management Methods to Remember:
Sufficiently Prepare Your Capital:
Your capital should be your top priority when it comes to football betting. Your capital needs to meet the following criteria:
It should be disposable income saved from your salary or extra earnings that won't affect your daily life even if lost.
Avoid using borrowed money, loans, collateral, credit, etc., for betting, as those require repayment and interest, which is not suitable for betting.
Use money you earned through your own efforts and not through scams or theft.
Have enough capital to comfortably employ various betting strategies.

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Have a Specific Betting Plan for Your Capital:
Betting with your capital requires a well-thought-out plan, not just relying on luck to place bets.
Avoid going all-in or betting all the money you have at once.
Divide your capital into multiple portions to ensure that even if you lose on one side, you still have funds left to invest in the next match.
Never use more than 20% of your existing capital for each betting session.
Set Winning and Losing Limits:
To ensure smooth betting, setting limits is crucial. Players should set their own highest betting limits and know when to stop after experiencing losses.
Many players keep betting even after losing continuously, leading to a vicious cycle of continuous loss.
Adjust Your Betting Amounts Flexibly:
Do not stick rigidly to a betting amount or blindly follow others' betting principles.
Adjust your betting amounts based on the circumstances.
For matches with high odds of winning, you can increase your betting amount moderately.
For matches with high odds of losing, consider limiting or abstaining from betting.
Utilize Betting Strategies with Your Capital:
Many football betting styles and strategies can be used with your capital. Examples include:
Martingale: Doubling your betting amount after each loss, and resetting to the original amount after a win.
Fibonacci: Betting according to the pre-determined Fibonacci sequence, starting anew after a win.
Pyramid Betting: Using this method for more effectiveness.
Bet with Lower Capital:
Instead of betting large sums, try to bet smaller amounts. Even if you have a large capital, low betting amounts are recommended for easy application of strategies, especially the Martingale system, which requires significant funds.
Increase and Decrease Betting Amounts After Wins and Losses:
This method is frequently applied in betting. After a loss, increase your betting amount to recover the previous losses. After a win, decrease your betting amount to preserve the original capital.

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The above 7 methods of managing your capital should not be overlooked when betting. Based on your own available funds, you can choose to utilize your capital more effectively. Good luck with your betting endeavors!
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