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Information with Parlay Betting in Football Betting
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Parlay betting is a fundamental term in sports betting, especially when it comes to soccer. However, for newcomers, it might be a bit unclear – what exactly is parlay betting, and how are the odds calculated? The information shared below by Wintips will help you understand this type of betting in detail.

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Parlay betting, also known as Mix Parlay in English, is a type of wager that combines various odds from different betting markets into a single bet. This can include Asian handicap odds, European odds, Over/Under odds, 1/2 odds, and more. The potential payout is calculated based on the multiplication of the odds involved in the bet.
This type of betting has gained popularity in recent years among major bookmakers. It provides bettors with more options and enhances the excitement of the game. With a sufficient initial investment, you can place bets with ease.
The advantage of parlay betting is that bettors can potentially win significant profits without risking a large amount of capital. However, the downside is that if one of the bets in the parlay loses, the entire bet is lost. This means that to receive a payout, bettors must win all of their placed bets. Nevertheless, this is a minor drawback and usually does not significantly impact experienced bettors who opt for this method to potentially earn substantial amounts.
As mentioned earlier, when participating in parlay betting, you can place multiple different bets simultaneously. The rules for this type of betting are straightforward, and bettors must place bets on two or more matches. Next, they select the corresponding odds for their choices. The odds are publicly announced by the bookmaker on their website for bettors to easily check and compare.
Once selected, all bettors have to do is enter the amount of money they want to wager. At this point, the system calculates the detailed percentage of the potential winnings if the bettor wins. Additionally, bettors can enter the amount they wish to receive if they win, and the bookmaker will automatically calculate and display the odds.

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Certainly, you may have heard of parlay betting and may want to try it out, but you may not know how to calculate parlay betting odds. Nowadays, various bookmakers have different methods for calculating parlay betting odds, including:
Calculating Parlay Odds When Winning Most Single Bets:
When you win most of the single bets you selected, the parlay odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of each individual bet. The general formula for this situation is as follows:
Parlay odds=Odds of bet 1 x Odds of bet 2 x Odds of bet 3 x... X Odds of bet n
Calculating Parlay Odds When There Are Ties/Half Wins/Half Losses:
During parlay betting, you may encounter situations where there are ties, half wins, or half losses, sometimes all three. So, how are parlay odds calculated in these situations? In theory, the bettor's parlay odds are still the product of the individual odds; however, there are slight modifications as follows:
If it's a tie or push, the odds for that bet become 1.
For a half win, the odds are calculated as [1 + (individual odds - 1)/2].
For a half loss, the odds are 1/2.
In summary, the general formula for calculating parlay odds in this scenario is:
Parlay odds=Odds of winning bets x (1 + (Odds of half win - 1)/2) x 1/2 (Odds of half loss) x 1 (Tie or Push)...
For example, if a bettor places a 3-leg parlay with odds as follows, the parlay odds would be calculated as follows:
Parlay odds=[1 + (1.90 - 1)/2] x 1/2 x 1.95=1.4137
So, if the bettor wagers 100,000 VND on this parlay, they would receive a winning payout of 141,370 VND.

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The information shared by Wintips has provided a comprehensive understanding of parlay betting, including its rules and detailed odds calculations. This form of soccer betting is favored by many due to its potential for substantial profits. We wish all bettors the best of luck and big wins with this type of betting
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