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Guide to play throw-in bet in football betting for newplayer
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The throw-in bet is quite popular in the world of sports betting. This type of bet is interesting and not everyone knows about it.
It can be said that bookmakers always come up with various types of bets to serve the players. Every bet is fun and worth trying to experience its excitement.
However, when deciding to invest capital in football betting, you should also pay attention to safety. It must be a reputable and high-quality playing field to maximize our benefits.
Let's learn more about this type of bet through the article below.

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What you need to know about throw-in bets in football betting:
A throw-in is a maneuver used in football matches. It refers to the action of a player throwing the ball from the touchline into the field for a teammate when the ball goes out of bounds along the sidelines.
Most football matches have many throw-ins; there is no match without them.
Some common throw-in bets nowadays:
First Throw-in Bet:
With this bet, players only need to place a bet on the away team or the home team and predict which team will have the first throw-in. If it matches the course of the match, you win money.
This bet is quite challenging, and luck plays a significant role in this type of betting. However, you can still analyze the following factors:
Offensive or defensive style of play.
Team performance.
The match's importance, such as qualification for the next round, etc.
These factors have a significant impact because they affect the playing style of both teams. The team with a more attacking style usually has more throw-ins for their team.
Over/Under Throw-ins and the Throw-in Score:
Over/under bets are widely used by bookmakers in their betting markets. Many players like this bet because it's easy to play and offers high odds.
For example:
If the bookmaker sets the odds at X for the total number of throw-ins, and you choose Over, then the result must have a total of X + 1 or more throw-ins for you to win. If you choose Under, the result must have a total of X - 1 or fewer throw-ins for you to win. In the case of a draw, it means the throw-in score of both teams matches the bookmaker's odds.
Handicap Throw-in Bet:
The handicap throw-in bet, also known as Asian Handicap, is very popular in various betting markets.
In this bet, the number of throw-ins for both the away and home teams is determined. Or a handicap is given if the throw-in ratio of the two teams is equivalent.
Based on the total number of valid throw-ins by both teams, the team with more throw-ins and exceeding the handicap ratio wins.
With this bet, there are three possible outcomes:
Win half the stake.
Win the full stake.

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Notes when playing corner kick bets
Time counting for corner kick bets
For the first corner kick bet, the time counted applies to the entire match. It remains in effect until one of the teams is awarded the first corner kick. In the rare case that no team gets a corner kick throughout the match, it is considered a draw. However, this scenario is highly unlikely and may not occur.
For over/under corner kick bets, you have three options for betting based on time: Fulltime – the entire match, Halftime – the first half, or Second Half – the second half.
For handicap corner kick bets, similar to the above, you can bet separately for the first half, the second half, or the whole match. All of these bet types are calculated during official match time, excluding extra time and stoppage time.
Corner kicks that count and do not count in the bets
For all corner kicks in extra time >>> THEY DO NOT COUNT
Corner kicks during stoppage time >> THEY DO NOT COUNT
If a corner kick is retaken due to a foul >> IT STILL COUNTS

All other corner kicks taken from the side to restart the match will COUNT in the bets.
Analysis of Gameplay and Tactics: The gameplay and tactics of both teams are decisive factors in corner kick bets. If both teams are evenly matched, consider betting on the home team as they have a psychological advantage playing on their home turf.

Reference Experienced Players: Learn from and gather knowledge from reputable sources such as football forums and betting groups. Experts and seasoned players can share
valuable experiences and insights.

Observing Player Substitutions: Keep an eye on player substitutions between the two teams. If a specialized corner-kick taker is substituted in, the number of corner kicks in the match may increase. This can affect the outcome of corner kick bets, so players should take note of this.

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In conclusion, corner kick bets are easy to play and provide exciting moments for players. It only takes 3 minutes to create a free member account. There are also many other attractive promotional programs, so stay updated on the bookmaker's news for the latest information.
Литературный форум » Наше творчество » Авторские библиотеки » Guide to play throw-in bet in football betting for newplayer (Guide to play throw-in bet in football betting for newplayer)
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